Shedding Some Light On Lighting

December 18, 2016


You and your hubby-to-be know that the sound system is important, you want to hear every word of the toasts and feel the kick of the bass as the dancefloor fills up later in the evening.  But how important is the lighting package?  VERY.


This is an often overlooked category that most people don't realize can easily upgrade the feel of your entire reception.  Flowers and fabric offer a great aesthetic but if they aren't lit right that expensive decor can lose it's luster.  


Many DJ's offer lighting packages with their services and some venues have some lighting permanently installed.  As you are booking your vendors, be sure to ask what lighting is already included and what options they have for upgrades if available.  




Uplighting - Using lighting to accent architectural elements or spaced along the perimeter of your room can transform any convention center ballroom into a fun and romantic venue for your wedding.  Uplights should be able to match the colors you've chosen for your wedding (relatively close anyway) and sometimes can even be programmed to change color throughout the evening or to the beat of the music.  Be careful with that though, it can be a little overwhelming if the "auto" function is left on too long.  Your DJ/venue should be able to talk you through how many uplights you will need for your event based on the size of the room and fixtures present such as structural columns and staging.


Dancefloor Lighting - We don't know of any DJ's who don't include some dancefloor lighting with their packages, however, not all dancefloor lighting is created equal.  For example, we offer a very basic dancefloor lighting package with all of our services.  These packages include a few lighting stands, moving colored lights to shift the mood on the dancefloor from dinner into dancing and a slow moving "mirror ball" effect for slower songs.  Many clients are happy with this package, especially if budgets are tight or the audience/venue is very small.


On the other side of the spectrum though, if you have a large dancefloor, a larger group, or are looking to transform your reception space into a danceclub after dinner, we can do that too.  By bringing in aluminum trussing, intelligent lights, lasers and even fog we are able to take your lighting package to the next level.  Most DJ's can upgrade your lighting package, so again, just make sure you are clear about what you are getting and ask if you are interested in something to bump up the presentation.


Custom Gobos - Everyone wants to bring as much personalization into their event as possible, gobos are a great way to do that.  Whether it's your monogram, your wedding date or even your engagement photo...custom gobos are plates that are designed to be inserted into a light fixture and projected onto your dancefloor, wall or screen.  Gobos vary greatly in options and pricing.  You can get a stainless steel cutout gobo that projects in one color or a full color image on glass.  Be sure to ask your DJ for pricing first so that you can gauge which works better for you.

 Still not sure that adding more money to your budget for lighting is worth it?  Simply search for "Before & After Event Lighting" on Google and we promise you'll see the difference it can make.


Happy Planning!





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